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Customize Messages & Email Alerts
All our email alerts, from the member welcome message to homework delivery, can be completely customized to suite your coaching needs. Our templating system supports drafts, previewing, and industry standard Liquid Codes to personalize each message.
Combined with the following features
Industry Standard 'Liquid' Codes
We have implemented the industry standard and proven {{ Liquid }} code system to make customizing your messages both powerful and straightforward. Codes, such as {{ Homework.Title }} are automatically replaced with the correct value upon sending.
Built in Borders, Headers, and Design Elements
Make your emails beautiful with our built in design elements such as headers and borders. These elements are designed to work both internally and in your Smtp (email address) messages.
Preview & Test
Before sending out a message to 5000 people, test your codes and design with our preview system which loads random content into your email so you can see under different scenarios.

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